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Home Hydroponic System buy online

This is a great product at an extremely good value! It arrived on time, was quick and easy to set up, and runs perfectly fine with the pump provided in the package.

Robin May



Home Hydroponic System buy online
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Finally a DIY hydroponic indoor/outdoor system that is designed for quick & easy vegetable growing. No experience needed & easy to take care of. This hydroponic indoor or outdoor grow system is designed for fast, maximum-convenience vegetable gardening.

High Yielding

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Healthy Pest Free

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Space Saving

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From Beginner To Experienced Grower

Very simple to assemble and use, perfect for beginners or experienced growers. Growing plants in hydroponics requires less water, less space, and pests and diseases are more easily controlled and prevented.

This food grade hydroponic growth kit, maximizes healthy nutritious and better-tasting plant growth.

Up To 108 Growing Pods

High capacity planting pots allows you to yield for up to 108 veggies and greens all year round

Space Saving Tiered System

Minimal space in your home or in the workplace optimized for efficient plant growth. Makes for a stunning indoor visual display

Full Starter Grow Kit

Includes brushless 12v pump, energy saving timer function, grow sponges, baskets, tweezers, manual.

Why Choose This NFT Hydroponic Kit?


Food Grade PVC Material

Energy Saving Timer Functionality

2.5" | 6.3cm Pipe Diameter

Long Lasting Brushless 12V Water Pump


Non food grade PVC

No Timer Provided

2" | 5cm Pipe Diameter

Inferior Water Pump

3 System Sizes To Choose From
11 Cup System
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$14.45 per growing pod



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1 Year Warranty

Free Delivery


108 Cup System
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$3.69 per growing pod



shop online nft hydroponics system

1 Year Warranty

Free Delivery

Best Value

36 Cup System
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$8.30 per growing pod



shop online nft hydroponics system

1 Year Warranty

Free Delivery

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Love it! Already have lil sprouts out of the sponge! All you need is a one inch drill bit for drilling the tank and presto! you got tiny plants growing themselves! Easy instructions and I found that my seeds were very successful considering I have never done hydroponics before. Love the product.

Working on the second group of baby plants to grow in it now. Once you get it set up and buy a timer to set the watering mechanism on it runs itself. Have to remember to change and remix water concentrations every 2 weeks.

This is very easy to use and it works wonderfully. My 12 year old put it together, as it was purchased for a project she was doing for school, but she did have a little trouble putting it together. My husband easily helped her fix what she did incorrectly and it was done in about 30 minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often you need to change the water in the hydroponic system ?
We recommend weekly or bi-weekly nutrient changes
What plants can I grow with hydroponics?
Suitable for leafy vegetables in home, garden and office, such as lettuce, herb, celery, cabbage, etc. The system produces high quality vegetables, herbs, melons and berries – with a yield of 45 days! – More nutritious and tasty is to be delivered directly to system roots as products of soil garden, oxygenated water and nutrients

Lettuce is a top choice for hydroponic gardeners as it requires little space, little attention and you can harvest leaves as it grows.

How to maintain the hydroponic reservoir?
After completely sterilizing the entire grow room growers should clean the nutrient solution reservoir. It is done by emptying the reservoir, filling it back up halfway and using a deluded bleach solution for an effective clean, ensuring there is no solid material buildup in the tubing.

Reservoir cleaning is usually done every two to three weeks, but cleaning frequency depends on how busy an operation is. Clogging can also be avoided by opening the valves for a few seconds once a week.

What is the proper nutrient solution temperature?
It’s important to keep your nutrient solution at between 65-75 degrees. When temperatures get too high, dissolved oxygen levels go down and create an environment ripe for root rot. Temperatures that get too low will slow down plant growth.

For small reservoirs, aquarium heaters are usually enough to warm up a nutrient solution that is too cold. To combat rising temperatures.

How often do I need to clean the filter?
The filter will prevent plant matter and debris from getting into your nutrient reservoir.

Clean the filter often to reduce the build-up that pests love.

What are your delivery options and how long will it take?
  • Australia: Free delivery, 7-10 days
  • Other countries: Free delivery, 7-10 days


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Do you have a shop location?
We are a “online supplier”, with no physical shop or premises. In this way, we are able to pass our considerable savings directly to you.
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Please feel free to discuss our policy with our Manager prior to purchase.

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Hydroponics Systems Australia | Hydroponic Grow Kits Australia

Hydroponics Online has complete hydroponics systems & complete hydroponic grow kits at the best prices online.

We choose industry leading hydroponic system manufacturers that produce DWC systems, Hydroponic Drip Systems, Ebb & Flow Systems and many more.

We have all of the essential hydroponics grow gear including reverse osmosis & water filtration units, hydroponic water chillers & water heaters and hydroponics testing supplies like pH & TDS meters.

Dont forget the hydroponic nutrients & hydroponics grow media including rockwool and clay pebbles.

Hydroponics Fittings & Grow Kit Accessories

If you’d like to build your own hydroponics system we have all of the hydroponics trays & tray stands, hydroponics reservoirs and hydroponic fittings & accessories for you to build your own hydroponics grow kit.

From The Learning Centre

Hydroponics is the means of growing plants without soil.

Plants are anchored using a hydroponic grow media, which can be any inert matter. In some cases, plants aren’t in contact with any media whatsoever and are suspended directly in the nutrient solution.

What are the different types of hydroponic systems?

The different types of hydroponics systems: ebb and flow, aeroponic, DWC, drip system, NFT / Nutrient Flim technique.

The most prominent hydroponic systems today are:

  • Ebb and Flow Also known as flood and drain, these systems are becoming less common but are still very effective. This type of system does not keep plant roots suspended in a nutrient solution, but rather a hydroponic grow medium. The nutrient solution then floods the tray, and then drains out, leaving the grow media saturated.
  • Deep Water Culture – Commonly referred to as DWC, this is the easiest and most cost-effective system to use. Plants are housed in a net pot, and a reservoir holds the nutrient solution, which will be recirculated to keep plants constantly submerged.
    Aeroponics- In this hydroponic system, roots are suspended in air, and plants are fed by misting the root zone with the nutrient solution. The main point here is that roots are exposed to ample oxygen, which allows them to uptake more nutrients.
  • Hydroponic Drip Systems These systems are geared more towards commercial growers, because it can be difficult to achieve an efficient scale for small hobby gardens. Nevertheless, they are an effective system, that allows the grower a high level of control over feeding and watering.

What is the best hydroponic system for indoor growing?

The best hydroponic system will be different for different growers. If this is your first hydroponic system, we recommend you go with a DWC hydroponic system. These are regarded as the simplest hydro systems, and since growing under this method can be complicated, we want to make it as easy as possible. If you feel confident in your hydroponic abilities, aeroponic systems are the most technical available and can be lots of fun to grow with, and cultivate some great plants

You can check out our list of the Best Hydroponic Systems currently on the market. This will help you tremendously with your buying process!

Hydroponic systems can be housed in an indoor grow room, grow tents, or grow cabinets.

At Hydroponics Online, we also offer hydroponic micro gardens, which are great for growers trying to maximize the space they have. We also carry any of the system add-ons and accessories you may need.

What are the pros and cons of hydroponics?

There are several advantages hydroponics has over traditional soil gardening, one being the ability to make better use of space. Hydroponics also allows those who do not have access to good soil to grow indoors. The most notable benefit of hydroponic growing is the explosive growth rate plants see when compared to soil plants. Plants can grow 20% faster, and yield 25% more. So, while you may not be able to grow as many plants hydroponically, you will see quicker and heavier harvests!

The main disadvantage of hydroponic growing is the cost of the system. This should be seen as an investment, as the yields from hydroponic gardens are unrivaled. Another downside is the learning curve of growing in one of these systems. If you are already an indoor grower, switching to hydroponics will be much easier. The most important inputs to monitor in the environment are water, nutrients, lights, humidity, and temperature. If one of these falls out of the desired range, it can have detrimental effects on your plants.

How much are hydroponic systems?

Because there is much variety in hydroponic systems, there is no way to really set a price range. You can get a very simple deep water system like the 11 Cup Hydroponics System for under $160, but there are much more advanced systems that can deliver better results like the 108 Cup system for $399

The price you will pay for a hydroponic system will depend on how many plants you want to grow, the type of hydroponics, and the quality and technology of the system you decide on.

Here at Hydroponics Online , our complete hydroponic systems include the reservoir, pumps and tubing, growing containers, and growing medium. If you are unsure which system is right for you, visit our learning center and check out our full breakdown of hydroponics, or contact our experienced growing staff today – click here

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