I’ve purchased a few of these (in different configurations), and they all go together easily, and they don’t leak. They work well for smaller plants, particularly smaller lettuce and herbs. I haven’t used it indoors, but given it’s size and the fact that it doesn’t leak, I think it would work well. The pump is small, but seems to get the job done.

This hydroponic system suits anyone who is looking to grow leafy greens for a medium or large family


108 Cup Nutrient Film Technique Kit | Large Hydroponic System




No experience needed & easy to take care of. This hydroponic indoor or outdoor grow system is designed for fast, maximum-convenience vegetable gardening.

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Large Hydroponics Kit With 108 Pots 

The dimensions of this Hydroponics Kit is 140 cm x 96 cm x 50 cm.
This hydroponic system has 108 grow pots and is able to grow up to 108 plants at one time.

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This Hydroponics kit has 3 tiers which is great for staggering different growth cycles. It is one of our largest home hydroponic kits allowing you to grow up to 108 plants at any time.

This kit is our most affordable kit per planting pot meaning you get the most grow for your buck. The benefit of this Large Hydroponic Kit is that you can start by using one tier and then over time increase your grow output.

This allows you to scale up or down how much you are growing any time. This kit suits anyone who is looking to grow leafy greens for a medium or large family. Growing crops on rotation allows you to constantly be harvesting plants so you never run out of your favourite food.

This compact and affordable Large Hydroponic kit is defiantly worth considering if you are serious about growing your own food at home.

You can harvest on average 2 heads of lettuce a day with this kit which should be more than enough for most people.

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What is included when you buy this Large Hydroponic Kit from Hydroponic Kits Australia

  1. 108 plant sites
  2. Hydroponic gullies with connectors to assemble the kit.
  3. Advanced inner blocking design that allows the water to reach all of the plants grow sites.
  4. The kit is made from food grade material so no toxins from the kit will enter your plants
  5. The water with hydroponic nutrients is inside the system so the plants roots and the nutrient water is not exposed to sunshine protecting both the plants and the nutrient water.
  6. This Hydroponics system also Includes a Hydroponics water pump

What is not included in this Hydroponics System

You will need to provide your own reservoir tank with this hydroponics kit. This is used to store nutrients and you place the pump inside to circulate the hydroponic nutrients. A non-transparent tanks/buckets with a cover are better.

This will stop sunlight from getting into the reservoir as sunlight will encourage growth of algae in the hydroponic solution. The best capacity for the reservoir is 15 to 20 litres.


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